Diary of a Bride in the Know – Our Wedding

Hello from Mr and Mrs Hobson! We are now 6 weeks old, and like all couples I suspect, we can’t believe where that time has gone. From the last few whirlwind days of jobs before the Big Day (although we did get to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch in the sun once we’d dropped everything off the day before), to now, we really can’t believe how much we’ve fitted in in the last few weeks! I know many of my fellow newlyweds will say the same! We had THE most amazing day. Having been surrounded by weddings for the vast majority of my adult working life (either selling, organising or as now, conducting marriage ceremonies) I have managed to amass a fantastic group of friends over the years who all helped to make our big day so very personal to us – just as it should be. The fabulous Frank Henshall who I’ve known for about the last 20 plus years (sorry Frank) helped us create the most amazing memories, and he cried at our wedding (the first time ever, so he tells me!!!) Lisa, whose scrummy pastries, cakes and anything else sweet used to torment us in the sale office at Crewe Hall made our delish cake (Victoria sponge for the groom, chocolate for me, and carrot for the girlies, and our trumpet player for the ceremony I’ve known since he was about 8! It was the loveliest of days surrounded by people we love. It was a wedding of friends and family – not who we were supposed to invite! I obviously can’t forget our fantastic registrars, we really do have the best job in the world (you know we say this quite a bit!!) but I guess it’s a bit nerve racking when it’s the boss who you’re marrying! And you’ve known her for the last 20 years – thankyou Jayne! I managed also to not do a Vicar of Dibley and say all the words before the registrar did. I did cry though, even though I know all the words. In my infinite wisdom I had decided that I would read the poem that had been specially written for us by the very talented Nicola from our team. Easy I thought, I stand up in front of loads of people most days of the week, oh no, not this time – boy was it hard to do (and all that make up in jeopardy complete with false lashes slipping down my cheek – not the best of looks!). The registrar who had the job of writing in the register was my other half Geraldine – no mistakes and all in that beautiful handwriting of hers. Our perfect blooms were also created by one of our team (Becky) who came out of retirement from her old life to do this for us –we really are very very lucky. The weirdest thing was voting for my registrars in the North West Wedding Awards 2019 (our team are finalists again – fingers crossed for the awards in a few weeks’ time). It felt completely bizarre, but I could never forgive myself if I’d missed the opportunity to get our team recognised for the great ‘job’ they all do, day in and day out – its not a job really is it!!! Our Big Day was played out against the backdrop of the very beautiful Yellow Broom Restaurant in Twemlow Green, and as ‘Julie the bride’; I cannot recommend them highly enough. I know we are so so lucky in this part of the world to have so many fabulous venues who all look after every single couple so amazingly well. Well Nathalie and her team most definitely looked after us so amazingly well! Everything just happened without us ever being asked a question, we were just allowed to float through our wedding day on cloud nine – thankyou Nathalie, can we come and do it all again next weekend! Pleeeeeeeaaaase! Now the downside to all this wedding malarkey is the coming down off cloud nine and realising as a girl just how many places you need to change your name with - those extra marriage certificates have certainly been busy –winging their way to and from over 30 different places up to now, and I’m sure we’ve forgotten some. After all we did think of the list on the plane on the way home from honeymoon! Oh and the getting round to writing thankyou cards – that’s this weekend’s job, I promise! So now I am Mrs Hobson, been there, done that and got the t-shirt (or dressing gown with Bride written on it), what would my hints and tips be…… Go with what feels right –whether it’s the venue (you’re going to be there all day on the most important day ever), your photographer, he too is going to be with you a long time – make sure you get on! And don’t be pressurised into having things that doesn’t reflect you two. Pre moon – even if its only a night or couple of nights away to do lots of your planning without the rest of the world getting in the way. Day before jobs – try to get them out of the way early, enjoy an hour or so of just you two – our lunch in sun felt very surreal and as though we must have forgotten to do something we were that chilled! The Big Day, all the hard work is done, and if it isn’t, in the words of Elsa and Disney’s frozen ‘Let it Go’ if it’s not done now, it never will be. Let the professionals; who you have handpicked look after you and your Big Day. Enjoy every minute of floating on Cloud Nine! Now it’s back to all those name changes (as the boy in my life shrugs his shoulders and smiles, oh dear what a shame!) Lots of love Mrs H!

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