What is the Best Time to Get Married?

I am sure this is a questions you have been thinking about to plan your big day? There are so many different factors to planning your special day and the ceremony time can be a huge decision as this effects the whole day for you and your guests, and to me I think it depends…
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My Friend’s Wedding

Helen and Ant I’ve had a few standout moments in my life, the obvious being the birth of my 3 children, finally passing my driving test on the fourth (yes, the fourth!) attempt, bungee jumping in my young and ridiculously crazy days and of course my own wedding day. All of these are of course…
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Lasting Memory of Your Love

Wedding Rings You have your wedding day all planned venue, photographer, florists and of course us the registrars. But the one thing that is usually left till the end or may have not have budgeted for is the wedding rings. For most the wedding ring is a symbol and lasting memory of the commitment you…
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