24th April 2020 Covid-19 & Your Ceremony

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What a beautiful week! We hope whatever you have been up to, you’ve been able to enjoy some of this fabulous sun. Talking of sun, I read a really interesting article this week that included the following quote from Alan Berg:

“When you look at your photos, can you tell what day of the week it was? Does the food taste any different on a Tuesday? Do people dance differently on a Wednesday? Does the sun not shine on a Thursday? Your guests will remember your wedding, not what day of the week it was on.”

We know from the emails we receive from our couples, that the longer this pandemic continues to throw carefully made plans into disarray, it's becoming harder to move to a new ‘perfect weekend summer wedding” in 2021. If you think about when you booked your date, how far in advance did you book it to make sure you got the date you wanted? Lots of weekend dates for 2021 were already snapped up by couples wanting to book for 2021, long before Covid-19 reared it's ugly head!

Alan is right; your photos will tell the story of your Big Day, not the day of the week. We married on a Thursday, the sun most definitely did shine and it almost felt like playing truant from school (not that I ever did – registrars don’t do that kind of thing!), enjoying a fabulous day with our family and friends on a ‘work day’. Our lovely suppliers had better availability on a weekday, and even after the band kept us dancing all night, our friends and family were still there to wave us off at midnight – none of them had decided an early night was a better option, or maybe it was the knowledge that a sneaky mid week lie in was waiting the next morning too – the start to a lovely long weekend.

Can you tell this picture is a Thursday?

Midweek celebrations might not work for everyone (for example a teacher who needs to be in school Monday to Friday), but a midweek in the school holidays could work? Only you know the answer to this, but it's maybe worth a thought or two?

If you are thinking about taking back control of your wedding/civil partnership day, this might mean that you need to think a little bit differently about your new Big Day and embrace the idea of a new ceremony time, day of the week, and maybe even a new ceremony season – is there something about making your new date it's own, rather than a replica of your original date? – only you two will know what feels right for you and your family.

Our fingers and toes are still, as always, crossed for our summer and autumn couples, we really do hope to be with you on your Big Day. We keep saying it, ‘as long as your venue is open and government restrictions allow’ then we will be with you to celebrate. As we hear more from the briefings and particularly the review of this current lockdown on the 7th May, we will of course keep you up to date.

Remember, if you are thinking of new dates, speak with your venue first, and then email our team on ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk and we can check our availability to and get you moved to your date and start the countdown again.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, stay safe

Your Ceremony x

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