24th March Your Ceremony Covid-19 Update

Well, the first day in this very different world. Normally we’re into the office, answering the phones and emails, speaking with our lovely couples and venues and even speaking with each other – sometimes.

Not today, this is the morning after the night before when the UK government ordered everyone to stay at home and banned all weddings and civil partnerships for three weeks. Today the Your Ceremony team worked at home answering emails from lots of couples having to face the heart wrenching decisions of postponing their ceremony. Some of our couples were due to marry today, more tomorrow and into the weekend and next few weeks. These are the ones we are prioritising at the moment and we hope you can appreciate why. Its not that we like them more, its not that their wedding is more important, it’s that for them, they have been told by the government that their ceremony cannot go ahead as planned. Every single couple and their ceremony is so, so important and special to us and we promise we will get round to confirming new dates with everyone who is looking to postpone their ceremony with us, it just might take us a little time, please work with us and we will sort it together.
We would like to say that all this will be over at the end of three weeks, but who really knows. If anyone had said three weeks ago that this would be happening here right now, would any of us have believed them? We need to take each month as it comes. There are some out there who are saying that it will all be over by August or that all wedding should be cancelled until August, others that it will all be over by June – how can they say this, who knows. We must follow the advice from the Government to make sure we all stay safe and healthy.
What you can do is take back control of your Big Day. There is only you that can make the decision to go ahead with your original date or postpone to a new date. Based on the advise given from the UK government and your venue you can decide whether the summer months feel about right and all this will hopefully be over, or whether autumn, winter or even early spring would leave you with a more settled mind – only you know that, and that’s a conversation for you two to have together before speaking with you family, venue and finally us. We will be here to help you find your new Big Day and we will be there to help celebrate it with you when the time comes. We all know this won’t be forever; it’s just awful at the moment, but think of the celebrations when we’re through it and you are getting married 
Remember if you are emailing us about a possible new date, speak with your venue first, choose a date with them, and then email us with the following in the subject line (Name, Name followed by venue and date of ceremony YYMMDD).
I think we are all a little shell shocked still from last nights announcement, but we are already one day in, and that hopefully means one day closer to us all being in a better place.
Please work with us and we promise we will get to speak with you very soon to sort your new day.
Ps I couldn’t resist sharing a pic of my useless new working partner today, I hope she makes you smile a little xx

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