30th March 2020 Your Ceremony and Covid-19 Update

Well, we’ve nearly done a week of lockdown, which means with fingers crossed, we are week nearer the end. Having just watched the latest briefing from the UK government we felt a little glimmer of hope when the chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance said that although cases of Covid-19 would unfortunately continue to rise it was hopeful that the lockdown was beginning to show signs of working.
We, like you, really do hope so and we have everything crossed. We continue to work with all our couples who are looking to move their ceremony to later in the year and advise anyone who is looking to move their Big Day to speak with their venue to source a new date and then email our team at ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk so that we can check our availability too. Remember, as long as your venue is open and government restrictions allow, we will be there with you.
We are asked by couples and venues our thoughts on when we think restrictions will be lifted and if they are looking to move their ceremonies, what dates couples should be looking to move to. We unfortunately don’t have the answers. We, like you, watch the briefings and scour the news for any updates that will give us some clue. As yet, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of what will happen once we get towards the end of this three week lockdown period. As soon as we know anything more we will post it here and on our website. We will continue to work with you to move and take back control of your Big Day if that’s what you decide to do.
What we are seeing, and we’re sure you are too, is how much good is being done by lots of people in our country and how suppliers associated with weddings, civil partnerships and celebrations are working together to make sure your day, when it happens will be one to be celebrated. Only yesterday we posted Bloom Gin were offering free miniature Bloom Gin favours the more we get to know about, we’ll let you know too.
Whatever changes you may be considering for your Big Day, always remember why you were doing all this. The celebrations might be a big part of the day, but much more important to remember is that you want to spend the rest of your life with your other half. Someone once said to me ‘ it doesn’t matter what happens in the day, as long as by the end of it you are married to the person you love, the rest of it really doesn’t matter’ I don’t think I ever envisaged it in this extreme, but I guess it still rings true.
We know from feedback that our updates have proved to be popular and we are pleased that we’re able to share our thoughts, advice and information in such a way. If we don’t post an update, it’s purely because there’s not a lot changed with our funny little world at the moment and we’ll be back as soon as there is something more to chat about.
We really do wish you and yours well
Stay safe and we’ll speak again soon
Love the Your Ceremony team xx

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