1st September 2020 Notice of Marriage and Civil Partnership Update

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Notice of Marriage and Civil Partnership

Woohoooooooo we are finally at the stage where we can open our appointments diaries for anyone who has a booking to marry or form a civil partnership in the next 12 months!

Since lockdown we have been working our way through our diaries to make sure that couples marrying in the very near future have been able to give notice (the legal bit required before the fun bit!) and hoorah we can now open our diaries to everyone.

Just to recap, giving Notice of intent to marry or form a civil partnership is the legal process that must be completed before a marriage or civil partnership can take place. Notice can be given up to 12 months in advance of the big day and there is a waiting period of 28 days once you have given notice before you can tie the knot. If notice isn’t given, you’re not getting hitched!

You give notice in the area where you live (even if your ceremony is elsewhere). The easiest way to find out where you give notice is to think who you pay your council tax to. This is your local authority and your local registration service. If you live in Cheshire East (regardless of where you are getting married), appointments are available at the Register office, Crewe on a Saturday. Please contact our team on 0300 123 5109 to make your appointment.

If you live outside of Cheshire East but your ceremony will take place in Cheshire East please contact your local registration service. One thing to consider is that due to COVID safe working, some registration districts are restricting when they are offering appointments, it might be best to check their website if you live outside of our area.

We are so so pleased that we are at the point of being able to fully open our diaries and hope it helps you too.

We look forward to seeing you soon


Your Ceremony x

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