3rd April 2020 Your Ceremony and Covid-19 Update

WOW – when you hear the UK government say ‘we’re in this together’ we (you - our lovely couples and us) really are. We really do like our catch ups and know you do too – thankyou so so much for the lovely comments you’ve been leaving us. They make us feel very humble, that whilst you are in the midst of making some really difficult decisions about your Big Day you can still find time, energy and love to say nice things to our team too – thankyou so much xx
We aren’t infallible though, and sometimes we can get it wrong just as any other human can too – if we do, then please let us know. Email the team on ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk and let’s work it out together.
As you will know from the daily briefings by the government, there’s still no update about life after the end of this lock down period and when we will be out doing what we love and enjoying your Big Day with you. As always as soon as we are told more we will share it with you. Remember though, as long as your venue is open and government restrictions allow, we will be there with you.
The Your Ceremony team is made up of registrars from Cheshire East Registration Service, and what a funny old time it is to be a registrar. As registrars we register births and deaths as well as having the privilege of being a part of so many couples weddings and civil partnerships. Our boss (as well as Cheshire East Council) is the Registrar General (very proper title) and he issues his instructions based on what the UK government legislation. For the first time ever, we find ourselves in a world where there are no birth registrations taking place, no notices of marriage and civil partnership to attest, and no marriages to attend either. We are now, for the moment, purely registrars of deaths. Our year can usually be quite easily mapped out, spring and summer of lots of lovely weddings, September and October babies (all those Christmas celebrations you know!) and then we come to the winter when sadly, more people pass away. This year has turned it completely on its head. At a time when we should be moving into lots of celebrations our time is spent registering deaths, our weddings and civil partnerships will be later in the year and Christmas will potentially be the ‘lockdown Baby Boom’
We have all got to take our silver linings wherever they come from. Talking to a member of our team today, she said how nice it was for her husband (who is usually busy working) to be able to spend more time than ever with their young daughter. What a silver lining to this awful time, and one that will be cherished forever.
My silver lining for this weekend is going to be virtual BBQ where we can't invite the kids, so it will cost me less in steak and wine! Whatever you are doing this weekend, remember your silver linings.
With love and best wishes
Your Ceremony xxx

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