Notice of Marriage Update

Just a quick update about giving ‘Notice of Marriage/ Civil Partnership

We are currently working with our couples who are due to marry / form a civil partnership in March and April 2021 but are also very aware that our couples for later in the year want to get planning for their Big Day too. To help us help all our couples, please see the table below which shows the timeframes we are currently working to for couples who need to give Notice in Cheshire East. Remember you give notice where you live, so if you live outside of Cheshire East please contact your local registration service to find out their timeframes.

Date of marriage / civil partnership When to give ‘Notice of Intent’
May 2021 From 1 March 2021
June 2021 From 1 April 2021
July 2021 From 1 May 2021
August 2021 From 1 June 2021
September 2021 From 1 July 2021

Our diaries are opened two weeks in advance, so e.g. if you are getting married on the 4 May 2021 and the table above suggests an appointment from the 1 March 2021, please contact our team on 0300 123 5019 from mid February to book your appointment. The easiest way of deciding what is latest date you can give notice is to take one month away from your ceremony date, but remember, you cannot get married or form your civil partnership without giving notice of intent. E.g. Marrying on 4 May 2021 means notice needs to be done by 4 April 2021 and so on.
We will keep reviewing our timeframes and if things change, and we can open our diaries to you sooner, we will be in touch.
Your Ceremony x

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