Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Bridge Hotel

In the very heart of rural Cheshire lies the picturesque and unspoilt village of Prestbury which miraculously has resisted the breathless pace of the modern world and has retained the tranquil atmosphere of the perfect English village. Since 1952 The Bridge in Prestbury has been one of the country’s most respected hotels providing luxurious accommodation,…
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Marriage Proposals & Valentines

[caption id="attachment_3227" align="aligncenter" width="959"] c. Stella Kurek Photography[/caption] February is upon us already and as tradition dictates, brings Valentine’s Day with it, and the promise of potential marriage proposals! Hailing back to the 5th century, Valentine’s Day got its association with love and all things romance with the idea of ‘courtly love’ 9 centuries later with…
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Diary of a Bride in the know…….

Hmmm…..don’t know if this title fits or not, I certainly do know a fair bit about weddings (both from wearing my ‘old hat’ as an events manager at a gorgeous stately home and now as Superintendent Registrar for Cheshire East).  I …sorry we… got engaged over Christmas, so I guess the title does fit and…
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