19th March 2020 Your Ceremony and Covid-19

Our team has been really busy on the phones today talking to as many of our lovely couples as possible.

We realise this is a really stressful time and want to help and reassure you as much as we can. This quite rightly takes time, meaning that our phone calls are taking quite some time. It's important that we are able to discuss all the options with couples looking to move the date of ceremony.

Sometimes it's not quite as easy as it appears when considering moving your ceremony. If you've already done the legal paperwork bit and given notice of marriage, we will need to check if these will still be valid for your new date. They are only valid for one year and so if you are looking at pushing your Big Day back an entire year it is highly likely that you will need to give fresh notices and our team will talk you through that process, if you are looking to move your ceremony by a year there is no hurry to new notices and again the team will talk you through this. On the other hand if you are looking to move your date by only a few months we will still need to make sure your notices will still be valid. If they're not we'll advise you about What you need to do next. Bearing this in mind we are prioritising notice of marriage/civil partnership appointments for those couples marrying in the next six months.

Organising weddings takes time and during this time of uncertainty it's right that our team take the time needed to make sure our couples fully understand the information and advice given to them during those phone calls. We are sorry that you have a longer wait to speak with us; every single call and wedding is important to us and so don't regret that we do take the time needed to make sure our caller leaves with all the information they need to make the right decisions about their ceremony.

During this time our phone lines are open 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. It may be easier to email the team on ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk and we promise we will get back to you asap.

I saw this earlier and just wanted to share it with you tonight:

Years of planning and months of stress,
Daydreams of wearing your pristine white dress,
Handmade cards, ribbon-tied favours, so neat,
The little details that make your wedding complete.
One moment in the news made you stop in your tracks,
Now your thoughts overwhelm you; its hard to relax.

The day you've been waiting so long for,
Doesn't seem so exciting anymore.
I know you're scared; its ok to be sad
Things right now seen overwhelmingly bad.
Whether its cancelled, postponed or your still unsure,
You'll have your wedding one day, but what means more?

The amazing partner who always supports you,
Family and friends as strong as glue.
Be grateful for your health, a warm home, and people who care,
It will pass and your day will come; nothing is beyond repair.

By Rachel @veilandverse

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