20th March 2020 Your Ceremony and Covid-19

Good evening

So, we’ve just watched the latest UK government briefing and advice regarding social distancing which seems to have been increased to include a specific category of places.

Instead of advising to stay away from clubs, pubs, restaurants and gyms etc, they have now all been ordered to close. The hospitality industry, the industry we all turn to for our good times and celebrations are all being order to shut their doors for the time being. No one know how long that ‘time being’ lasts for.

Our advice to you tonight is to speak with your venue, discuss your planned celebrations and options available to you. Once you have spoken with them, we know there could be difficult conversations and decisions to be had and made. Take your lead from them, the social distancing advised by the government is a bitter pill to swallow but for the sake of all our loved ones its one we must all embrace and commit to. Following that advice and staying two metres apart etc, together we can help our country towards a quicker health and economic recovery. Once you have spoken with them, speak with our team for further advice. We are trying to prioritise couples wanting to marry with us in the next few months, which were sure you will appreciate.

Your venue and their team is committed as we are to making sure your special day is the absolute best it ever could be and hopefully the increased rescue measure for our fabulous hospitality industry will allow it help you to have that fantastic day in the future. No one wants to see our businesses suffer either.

From a Your Ceremony point of view, it still is business as usual, and as long as your venue is open and advice allows us l to be safe and healthy we will be with you on your Big Day.

Our phones have been really busy again today and again we ask you to allow us to prioritise couples marrying with us in the next three months. Other ways of contacting us are by emailing us as ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk or by DM us on our Facebook page. We promise we will get back to you ASAP. As I’m sure you can imagine we are experiencing unprecidented demands on all our contact channels, please bear with us, we need to prioritise those Ceremonies happening in the next few weeks or months.
We believe that when we all recover from this, our world will be a different but kinder place where we have all worked together.

We really are in this together and it’s the small acts of kindness, thinking of each other and acting with decency and understanding that will pull us through this time to collectively stand strong together to not let it beat us!
As long as your venue is open and advice allows us to attend, we promise we will be with you. When you booked your registrar you got an entire team and together as THE TEAM you and us will get you married.


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