26th March 2020 Your Ceremony and Covid-19 Update

Someone sent me an email today with the opener………
Never before has the opening to an email “I hope you are well” had more significance and indeed we hope you are.
It made me think of all the things we say as a matter of course but don’t really attach much significance to at the time; see you soon (we really hope so) and have a nice day (we all want a nice day at the moment don’t we).
Its seems to have been a quieter day on the western front today, so there’s not a huge amount to update today, I just know that we’ve now got used to this bit of normality of writing to you each evening and from the feedback we have had, it seems to have been quite useful – which is what it was always intended to be x
We have been advised by the Registrar General that for the moment all Notices of Marriage and Civil Partnership must be deferred until after government restrictions cease. This means that anyone who has a ‘notice’ appointment with us in this period of lockdown has been contacted by email and follow up phone call to cancel this appointment. If you have any queries about this please contact the team at ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk
For the first time in a good number of days there is no update in terms of your ceremony booking and what effect the UK government briefings have on your Big Day. We are still rescheduling ceremonies but are also in a place where we can now look to take new bookings too – this horrible place we are in at the moment won’t last forever, it just feels like it doesn’t it. So if you are thinking about taking the plunge and are taking advantage of this downtime to plan your wedding, speak with your venue about a provisional date for your celebrations, then please do email the team at ceremonysupport@cheshireeast.gov.uk and we can check our availability too.
Stay safe and speak tomorrow xx

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