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We get asked lots of questions, you may find some answers here !!


When can we book our ceremony in Cheshire east and how does it work for fees and payments ?

Cheshire east take bookings for approved premises up to 3 years in advance, to make a reservation in the diary we require £150.00 of the fee as a non-refundable booking fee, we then request a further payment of £200.00 six months prior to the date (if you book within six months then we take £350.00), then the balance six week prior to the date - don't worry we will send reminder emails for all payments.

All the fees are available on the web site - Marriage Fees (cheshireeast.gov.uk)

When and where can we do our notice of intent ?

Notice of intent can be done anytime up to 12 months prior to your ceremony date, but must be done no later than one month prior.

Notices are always done in the district where you live (who ever you pay your council tax to), you will need to contact your local district, they will discuss the documents required to attend the appointment along with the fee required this would be dependant on your circumstances and is a fee set by the general register office.

When will my registrar contact me ?

You registrar will contact you around four weeks in advance of your ceremony.  They will email a booklet to you, which you will need to complete and return by email, this will give your registrar lots of information about what you want to happen during the ceremony.  There is also, at this point, the opportunity for you to chat with your registrar to discuss the ceremony further.

Can I personalise my ceremony ?

Yes we encourage our couples to personalise their ceremony, maybe get a family member or friend to read a piece of poetry or pros, or include a symbolic unity ceremony such as a sand ceremony , you can even write your own special promises to each other. If you are starting to think about readings and music for the ceremony, lots of inspiration can be found on the internet.  You will just need to remember that all inclusions for the ceremony must be non-religious, so no hymns or readings from the bible etc, and the Superintendent Registrar needs to authorise any additions to the ceremony prior to the day.

Can anyone be a witness ?

Yes anyone can act as a witness to your Ceremony. Please note that you are required to bring the 2 witnesses with you on the day. They do not have to be related to you, they will however be required to be present throughout the entire ceremony, understand the legal significance of the ceremony, and if they are ever called into a court of law they are able to state that they witnessed and understood the ceremony. With this in mind we advise that young children are not suitable.  Both witnesses are required to print their name and sign the schedule at the end of the ceremony.

Do I need to bring any paperwork on the day of the ceremony ?

No as you would have done this prior when you did your notice of intent, your witnesses are also not required to provide anything on the day.

Can I change my last name ?

At the end of the ceremony you will both be required to sign the schedule. You will be asked to sign in the names that are specified on your paperwork, as confirmed when you gave your notices of intent. Once you are married you may change your last name to who ever you wish to be Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr.

Re-registration of children: after marriage

 If the parents were not married to each other when the child was born, the birth may have initially been registered by:

  • the mother alone
  • the joint information of both parents

If the parents marry, it is a legal requirement that they must, apply to re-register the birth. The updated details will show the child as a child of their marriage.

The general register office (GRO) will make other enquiries to check if there are any court orders in existence in the UK that prevent a change of surname.

Further information - Application to re-register a birth following marriage or civil partnership of natural parents - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Can I apply for a passport in my married name ?

Yes you can do this at any point up to 3 months prior to your ceremony date, as long as both parties have given their notice of intent beforehand.   To apply for the passport in your married name  please down load a PD2 form from the passport web site Passports for newlyweds and civil partners - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

Before sending the form to us,  please fill in the relevant sections then post to us at the register office along with a returned stamped address envelope, there is a fee for this service of £22 and payment can be made via the following link -   Make a payment 

Once received we will process and return to you for you to then send to the passport office to apply for the passport in your married name. It is important to note that you will not then be able to travel with your passport until after your Marriage has taken place.

What music will I require for my ceremony ?

Some couples prefer the option of live music, such as a pianist, violin etc, or you may prefer to download music that is personal to  you both, we may suggest music for different parts of the ceremony.

  1. Play list for guests sitting, around 15-20 minutes worth
  2. Your grand entrance music
  3. Signing of the schedule and photos, we may suggest a couple of pieces or tracks
  4. Your exit

Don't forget that any music must have no religious content, also speak to your venue to check any equipment they have for your requirements.

Can I be married outside ?

Yes ,ceremonies can take place outdoors at our Approved Venues from 1st April – 31st October anywhere within the boundaries of the Approved Premise. Your venue will also need to ensure that a room is available and set up indoors in case of bad weather.

The venue will make the final decision one hour prior to your ceremony time, speak to your chosen venue to discuss options. Please bear in mind we are governed by the Great British weather. Ideally none of us want to get windswept, rain soaked or sunburnt !

Can I order additional certificates ?

There is one certificate included within the cost of the registrar to attend your ceremony, you may wish to order additional ones for all those important name changes, these can be ordered any time up to 2 weeks prior to your ceremony and cost £12.50 per additional certificate plus £2 for postage in the UK or £5 for international.  - Make a payment 

After your ceremony, the signed schedule is returned to the register office, this is then imputed onto the electronic register, your certificate (s) are then produced and printed and will be posted to the address confirmed by your selves within 7 working days

How long is the ceremony and what is the structure of the ceremony ?

Your ceremony is approximately 30 to 40 minutes, depending on whether you choose to include readings, unity ceremony or other additional personal touches you may wish to include. The Ceremony duration also includes the signing of the schedule and those all important photos.

All in the name of love - myRepublica - The New York Times Partner ...Ceremony Structure
Your Grand Entrance
Introduction and welcome
Information about yourselves you may wish to include
Confirmation of names and legal definition of marriage or civil partnership**
First legal declaration **
Confirming that the couple are free to marry or form a civil partnership
Possible reading by friend or family member
Consent to marriage or civil partnership**
Second legal declaration **
The couple formally agree to marry or form a civil partnership
Possible reading by friend or family member
These maybe personalised
Possible reading by friend or family member
Exchange of rings
Signing of schedule
Conclusion and your grand exit
This is a guide to your ceremony, but remember its your day and your ceremony,
make it your own
**These parts of the ceremony must be included in a marriage or civil partnership
ceremony but can be omitted from a celebration ceremony All in the name of love - myRepublica - The New York Times Partner ...