Your Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Ceremony

A marriage ceremony taking place in an approved venue can still include all the traditional bits we all know and love about weddings! The bride can be escorted into the ceremony room and ‘given away’.  The groom can have a bestman to keep a tight rein on those rings.  The promises and vows you make to each other said with so much love. Becoming husband and wife to much cheers and applause and finally signing the schedule before you begin the serious job of celebrating your marriage! You really can’t get much more traditional than that, the only thing that can’t be included is anything religious, so I’m afraid no hymns and no readings from the bible or other religious text.

This ceremony really is yours – yours to add your own personal touches to. The registrar will guide you through the ceremony asking you to repeat vows and promises, and if you are feeling really brave you may decide to write your own promises to each other. Asking a family member or friend to read during your ceremony really does bring a personal touch to the proceedings.

Did you know there’s an ancient belief that says that you place your wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand because the vein of love runs directly from the heart to the tip of the third finger!

This is a note for the ladies, when you sign the schedule, you will sign in your ‘old’ name, so don’t start practicing that new signature just yet!

Two people will need to witness the marriage and sign the schedule, these can be family members or friends and it’s another great way of trying to include as many people as possible to play a part in your ceremony.

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You’ve both planned this day for so long – it’s now time to enjoy it!

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