Crafting Your Dream Wedding Ceremony:

A Guide to Personalisation and Meaningful Moments

It is often said that a registrar cannot offer you a personalised ceremony but if you’re marrying with the Your Ceremony Team in Cheshire East then that statement couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, there are some standardised words that you must say- these are the Declaratory and Contracting Vows you say in front of your loved ones that will actually get you legally married!

Here at the Your Ceremony Team, we actively encourage our couples to work with their Registrar to create the ceremony of their dreams.

Your ceremony can be everything you wish for and more! Your registrar will be the one who helps you make your ceremony come to life: with your readings; beautiful promises, music choices and your personalities woven through every single minute of your ceremony.

There are so many ways you can really put your stamp on your ceremony. The possibilities are endless!

Just a few to consider are:

Hand tying - where your hands are bound together with cords, vines or ribbons in a

symbolic joining of you both and a promise to each other to bind your lives together. Maybe choose ribbons to match your colour theme or colours with special meanings.  A great way to involve a special family member of friend to help you tie the knot.

Sand ceremony - each of you will pour different coloured sands into one vessel –

Never to be separated!  A fantastic way to include children in your ceremony too – especially when two families are being joined as one.

Love letters ceremony - write a love letter to each other, place it in a box

with a bottle of something nice and two glasses – not to be opened till a later date, to enjoy and remember all the reasons why you love each other.

 Readings – Invite a loved one to prepare a reading for during the ceremony. There is such a wide variety of readings on the internet for you to choose from. They are a great way of personalising your ceremony and showcasing what love and marriage ultimately mean to you as a couple.

Writing your own personal promises There is often a bit of a misconception that you can write your own vows, the vows are legal declarations that ensure you legally married! That being said, you can write your own personal promises to one another. This is a gorgeous way of personalising your ceremony. Write from the heart and be true to who you are as a couple.

If you have something specific in mind, have a chat with your Registrar. Our team of experienced Senior Marriages Officers will work with you to create the legal wedding ceremony of your dreams!

This is the BIGGEST day of your lives, put your trust in the person marrying you.  They too want you to have the best day ever and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Big Day is being looked after by people who care.  They are THE professionals in creating a personalised and meaningful ceremony with you and just for you, yours from the moment you first speak with them to the minute you skip back down the aisle well and truly married!







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