Happy Honeymoonin’! Top Tips for planning your Post Wedding Getaway.

Having spent 25 years in the aviation industry as cabin crew, I have been lucky enough to see the world and meet some fabulous people along the way. From sipping cocktails on a beach in the Indian Ocean to skiing in the Canadian Rockies I have often thought how much I would of loved to of shared the moments with a loved one.

A honeymoon can be an expensive part of your cerebrations and it is important to find the right destination for you both whether it’s a long-haul destination or a car journey a couple of hours away. A great place to start is the good old travel agents. Pick up some glossy brochures and take them home to peruse over with a cup of tea, it will give you some ideas of what is out there. You can then either search the internet or pop into your local independent travel agent who can see if they can beat any offers you have seen on the internet, most agents will be well travelled and can offer you some great advice, especially when the hurricane seasons hit the tropics.  They may also have payment plans to enable you to spread the cost on the run up to your big day. It’s worth considering making your guest list a little bit smaller, by taking two adults off your guest list or making it a childfree day could mean you having an extra night on your honeymoon, beware though, the latter could prove to be quite controversial.

It’s also worthwhile to pre-book your seats to avoid being split up at the airport. Getting the right seat on the plane is also important, have a look on Seat Guru which will show you the seat plan of the aircraft you are flying on, let’s face it, who wants to sit next to the toilets for 10 hours! Have a look towards the rear of the aeroplane where the aircraft narrows, some seats will be in blocks of two’s enabling just the two of you to sit together.

Some destinations will be popular with newlyweds, so think about pre-ordering some fizz for the journey and let the crew know it’s your honeymoon, it could mean turning left at the boarding door instead of turning right.

If eating out, make your dinner reservations in your married name, when you get to the restaurant look a little puzzled and let them know that you can’t remember whether you made the booking in your maiden name or your married name, that way they will know you are on your honeymoon and they may have a little treat for you such as a complimentary cocktail.

If you are looking to stay closer to home or delaying your honeymoon it may be worth asking your venue if they have any special Minimoon offers you can use at another venue in the chain. This is usually in the small print and can be easily missed.

Remember the honeymoon is your time, you will have had a busy few months and you will be ready to spend some quality time together as a newly married couple, reminiscing about your special day.

Wherever you end up in the world, have the most amazing time.

Love Gill x

P.S. You an also change your passport into your married name up to 3 months prior to your ceremony, information can be found on our Q&A page 

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